Best water softener salt – Reviews and Buyers Guide 2020

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Are you having a hard water problem although you have installed a salt-based water softener?

Then the problem will be that your salt is not working properly or is not suitable for the softener you own. Most commonly the brine tank of salt-based softener needs to refill the salt after 2 months.

Do you have a salt-based Water Softener? If yes!

Salts are an essential part of the water softener. If you have the best water softener installed in your house but still having a hard water problem? Then you should check the types of salt and which is suitable for your softener.

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While choosing a salt there are certain things you should consider such as the effect of salt on the softener. How often you clean your brine tank? or which salt is suitable for which softener?

Stay with us!

Best Water Softener Salt


List of Best Salt Water Softener 2020

Water Softener SaltRatingPrice
Diamond Crystal Softener Bag⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Morton Pure and Natural⭐⭐⭐⭐
Morton SALT System Saver II Pellets⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt⭐⭐⭐⭐
Morton Salt Morton F124700000g⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dishwasher Salt/Water Softener Salt⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



1: Diamond Crystal Softener Bag

Diamond crystal is a potassium chloride salt alternative for the commonly used sodium chloride salts. It has no limitations which means that it can be used for all kinds of water softeners.

Highlighted feature:

  1. Multipurpose
  2. Potassium salt
  3. Applicable on all softener
  4. 40 pounds packing

Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag

  • Applicable on all water softener
  • Uses potassium chloride
  • Appliance remains rust-free
  • Food grade
  • —–

It is known as the best water softener salt. It can be used for plants and animals because it is food grade and provide no harm to the living. As the potassium products have a high amount of salt but for this product, it has the minimum amount of salt as compared to the other potassium products.

It comes in 40 pounds packing. Using this product your appliances will stay rust-free and will perform more efficiently.


2: Morton Pure and Natural

Morton Pure comes in a crystal salt form and is very effective on the hard water. Morton is known as the best salt water softener brand. It is the most purified salt and most effective for your water softener.

Highlighted feature:

  1. Multipurpose
  2. Sodium salt
  3. 40 pounds packing

Morton Pure and Natural Water Softener Salt

  • Good for skin and hairs
  • Pure crystal salt
  • Good for softener
  • Works for all softener
  • Sulfur smell

Morton Pure and Natural help you to remove the harmful minerals from the water and due to its purity, it makes your water softener works longer than expected.

Keeping in mind its progress on hard water it fits for the best salt for water softener as not only it increases the life span of your system but also its regenerated water is also efficient for the appliances.

The regenerated water will have no sign of any kind of hardness and without any hazard on health, skin and hair. It comes in 40 pounds packing.


3: Morton SALT System Saver II Pellets

Morton is the best company that is making the best type of salt for water softener. This company is also famous for table salt used in household uses.

Highlighted feature:

  1. Good for water softener
  2. System saver salt
  3. Applicable on all water softener
  4. 40 pounds packing

Morton SALT System Saver II Pellets


  • Increase the life of appliances
  • Uses sodium chloride
  • Best customer reviews
  • Expensive

Morton Clean and Protect II is a system saver product. It means that it is able to prevent the minerals from the salt and don’t let them clog in the brine tank of the water softener.

Using this salt, the consumer will not have to clean the tank on a general basis. The cleaning of the tank is handled by the salt itself which is why the Morton Clean and Protect II is called the best salt for water softener systems.


4: Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt

Solar Naturals is a sodium chloride white crystalline salt also the best salt for water softener systems. It used the ion-exchange method for water softening and used for commercial and residential use.

Highlighted feature:

  1. ion-exchange
  2. Solar salt
  3. Snow and ice removal
  4. 40 pounds packing

Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt

  • Applicable on most water softener
  • Uses sodium chloride
  • Crystal salt
  • Filtered water can be used for the cooking
  • Non-competitive pricing

It is a solar salt which can be used for snow and ice removal. The water filtered from it can be used for meat, vegetables and for cooking purposes. It comes in 40 pounds packing. Although it cannot be used with all water softener but it is very effective on most of the water softener.


5: Morton Salt Morton F124700000g

The Morton F124700000g is a rust defense water softener salt. It prevents the water from rust as well as your appliances.

Highlighted feature:

  1. ion-exchange
  2. Solar salt
  3. Iron removal
  4. 40 pounds packing


Morton Salt Morton F124700000g Water Softener Pellets

  • Applicable on all water softener
  • Increase the scale of water
  • Rust defense
  • 15 times more iron removal

Morton Salt Morton F124700000g is enlisted in the best salt for a water softener. It has a positive effect on the water and makes it taste good. Not to mention that it helps your bathroom and kitchen away from rust. And also increases the scale of water and makes it sweeter. This salt is 15 times more effective on iron as compared to simple salts.


6: Impresa Dishwasher/Water Softener Salt

Impresa Dishwasher is a dishwasher salt that helps you clean the dishes by removing the hardness from the water used.

Highlighted feature:

  1. Affordable
  2. Natural salt
  3. 4.4 pounds packing
  4. Sodium salt

Dish washer salt


  • Non evaporated salt
  • Uses sodium chloride
  • Best for dishes
  • Easy to use
  • Only used for dishwasher

It is a sodium salt that is only applicable to the dishwasher specifically. This salt can not be used for the water softener.

Although its performance in a dishwasher is quite impressive. It helps you clean the dishes without leaving a is very easy to use. You just have to open the dishwasher and add the salt in it.


Best Water Softener Salt Comparison Chart

Brand NameSalt typeCompatibilityWeightBenefits
Diamond Crystal Softener BagPotassium saltApplicable on all water softener40 poundsAppliances remain rust-free. Food grade
Morton Pure and NaturalSodium saltApplicable on all water softener40 poundsGood for skin and hairs
Morton SALT System Saver II PelletsSodium chloride/System saver saltApplicable on all water softener40 poundsIncrease the life of appliances
Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener SaltSodium chloride /Solar saltApplicable on all water softener40 poundsFiltered water can be used for the cooking process
Morton Salt Morton F124700000gSolar saltApplicable on all water softener40 poundsRust defensive. 15 times more iron removal
Impresa Dishwasher/Water Softener SaltSodium chloridBest for dishes4.4 poundsBest for dishes. Easy to use

Best water softener salt – Buying guide 2020

Now that you know everything that is necessary for buying a water softener salt. Then let’s highlight the main things to remember before buying a softener salt.

What is the function of a water softener salt?

In a salt-based water softener salt is the most important component of the system. Without the right salt, the water softener system will not perform efficiently.

However, all the salts work on the ions-exchange method. In the ion exchange method, the ions present in the salt attract the metal particles present in the water, after all, they are the cause of hardness.

The salt particles react with the metal ions and remove them from the water and store them in the brine tank, making the water free from the calcium as well as magnesium particles. When the unnecessary particles are removed from the water and are stored in the brine tank of the water softener, the water becomes soft and will perform more efficiently than before.

After some time when the brine tank stores a large number of unnecessary particles from the water, then the brine tank needs to be flushed and clean properly.

By doing this the brine tank once again become empty from the drain particles and ready to do the same task again.

As discuss earlier there are many types of best water softener salt. And not every salt is suitable for every water softener. Also, some salts are better in performance than the other.

Types of water softener salt:

  1. Rock salt
  2. Solar salt
  3. Potassium salt

Rock salt

It is the most economical salt as it is created from the rocks. But most people don’t like this because of the large amount of calcium sulphate.

If you are using rock salt for the water softener, then you need to clean the brine tank more often than before. The reason is that it leaves more residue in the brine tank as compared to the other type of salts.

Solar salt

Solar salt is collected from the sea and is manufactured from the evaporation of the seawater. It is more soluble than rock salt and is less evaporated than rock salt.

Most of the water softeners use solar salt in the form of pellets.

Potassium salt

The best alternative to sodium salt is potassium salt. As discovered that the potassium salt is the result of an acid-base reaction. It is also called table salt. This salt is healthier than the sodium salt.

How to choose the best water softener salt?

Not to mention that there are various types of salts, it gets more difficult to choose between these salts.

Choosing the salt does not only depend on the features but also depends on the budget and the type of salt is suitable for your water softener. There are some salts that are suitable for all kinds of water softener, however, some salts are not suitable.

Nonetheless, the right type of salt that you can use for your water softener is the one that the brand suggested. Also, the universal water softener salts that provide you a good quality can also be used for your water softener.

How much salt do you need?

The amount of salt requires for the household purpose is depending on the use of soft water. It also depends on the efficiency of the system.

The best water softener system is one that uses minimum salt and gives maximum output. The salt consumption also depends on the quality of salt used in the softener. Although a good salt regenerates maximum soft water using an economical amount of salt.

How to add salt in the water softener?

All things considered, now you have a lot of ideas about the water softener salt. Furthermore, the main point is that how you can add salt in a softener. It is a simple process that usually requires no use of tools.

In general every salt-based water softener, there is a low salt indicator. This indicator is basically a light that blinks when it has a low amount of salt in it. Furthermore, there is a brine tank in a water softener. As the purpose of the brine tank is that it stores the salt in it.

When you want to add salt in the brine tank so simply you have to open the lid of the brine tank and add the required salt in the brine tank. Not to mention that the amount of salt required by the brine tank differs from the water softener system you are using.

You can find the amount of salt to be added to the brine tank in the user manual.

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How to maintain a brine tank?

In the first place, the brine tank is the main component of a water softener system. Then it is very important to maintain the tank. As the unnecessary particles that are removed by the water softener are collected in the brine tank, so it is important to clean it on a regular basis.

The cleaning of the brine tank also depends on the quality of the salt. Besides, a good quality salt helps the brine tank to remain clean for a longer time.

Things to keep in mind while buying a water softener salt

Before buying the salt there are some factors that you need to know.


    • The main thing that you should know while buying salt is your health. You will be using the regenerated water for multiple purposes depending on your use. If you are using the regenerated water for drinking or cooking purposes, then you should be considering the effect of salt on health.


    • Price is a major factor while buying the best water softener salt. Because you don’t want to be using a lot of money on the salt that you might need to change by the time. So, you should be buying an economical salt but it does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the salt.

 Effect on water softener:

    • However, the salts have a definite effect on the water softener. Although, the salt you are selecting should have a good effect on your softener. Not to mention, the low-quality salt lessens the performance and decreases the life of your system.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best type of salt to use in a water softener?

The type of salt you use in your machine defines the performance of the system. In general there are sodium chloride and potassium chloride salts. However the sodium salts are in crystal and pellets form. Although some salts are not applicable to every type of water softener.

Does it matter what salt you use in a water softener?

As discussed above the type of salt affects the performance of the product. Also, quality is a major factor affecting the efficiency. 

Some salts are rust free and help the system to remove the iron from the water. Some salts are food-grade so you can use them for drinking and cooking purposes. The softening salts have a good effect on soaps and conditioners.

Are pellets or crystals better for water softeners?

It depends on the requirement of the salt. The crystal and pellets both have different purposes. The pellets are cleaning agents and have citric acid present in them, also they keep your appliances and sewerage system safe. 

The crystal salt if prepared after exposing ocean water to the sunlight. They are highly suggested for household purposes.

How many bags of salt does a water softener use?

Not to mention that there are many factors affecting the amount of salt used by the system. 

    • The quality of salt:

In the first place the quality of salt is a major factor affecting the consumption of salt in a softener. The good quality salt will last longer than the others.

    • The efficiency of a water softener:

Important to realize the more efficient the softener is the less amount of salt is used by the softener. In fact a good quality salt will consume less salt and vice versa.

    • The hardness in the water:

 After all, the level of hardness in water affects the consumption of salt in the water softener system. If the water being very hard then the system will use more salt during the regeneration of water.

Although the average salt usage of a water softener is 5 to 8 bags in a year.



In the end, compiling up the discussion, hope, so that the information will help you to decide the best water softener salt for your water softener. As shown above, the salt is very important for a salt-based system. Not to mention that it should be effective on the hard water and remove maximum hardness from the water. The unnecessary particles that are the cause of hardness in water are also health hazards. You should choose the salt that is best for you and your system.

After all, if you want to buy the best water softener system, you can find it here.

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